A New Bike

So today we got a brand new bike. It has great wheels, it corners like a dream, it brakes great, and the shifters are amazing. All around a great performance bike. And the best part is it was completely free! Yep it was by the neighbor’s curbed so we went out and grabbed it. Stephen really thought something would be wrong with it, like the tires being deflated, or the chain being broken, but nope it was all good and ready to ride. Hence Nicholas thinks it might be cursed. A perfect bike and they’re just getting rid of it. Yeah right.

PTO Shaft

Recently as Nicholas and Stephen were driving down the highway, they saw what looked like an axle for a car lying in the road. Thinking this would make an interesting blog post (if you lose an axle on your car you are definitely having a bad day) they brought it home with them. As we were looking at it Dad came over and told us that it is actually a PTO shaft, or a power take-off shaft. A PTO shaft is used on tractors and certain other farming equipment (and some industrial machines). It designed to be fairly easy to put on and take off, and is made to draw energy from the engine. So if someone dropped it accidentally they are probably still not having a good day.


Last Thursday Nicholas, Stephen, and Jonathan went to a Catholic trivia thing, and one of the questions was, “Which saint walked for six miles carrying his head?”. As it turns out St. Denis, after being decapitated, immediately picked up his head and walked about seven miles preaching about repentance.

St. Denis was the first bishop or Paris, (you know, before he was beheaded) having been assigned there by Pope Fabian. He and his two companions were converting people so effectively that the pagan priests became alarmed over their loss of followers and had St. Denis and his two companions arrested. Later St. Denis and his two friends were decapitated and, picking up his head, St. Denis became the first Cephalophore. Cephalophore is a Greek word which literally means “head-carrier”.

Though St. Denis was the first cephalophore there were many other saints who carried their head. In fact 134 were counted in France alone.


So today Veronica served Robert, Stephen, and I in her pretend restaurant. Since we were just in a pretend restaurant in Veronica’s room we obviously were not using normal dishes. We all had a shoe for our plate, and around them were bobby pins, and I foolishly mistook them for french fries. Apparently they were are silverware. The rest of the meal was quite delicious (or as good as an invisible meal can be) but I had to eat it without silverware.


Many of you know that today is the beginning of Daylight savings time. I know this because yesterday, Stephen’s phone told him that Daylight savings time begins all day today. What I bet you did not know, is that today is not Sunday, but actually Monday. After all if Daylight savings begins all day today, then at 12 the clock goes forward to 1 then it begins again, and 1 goes to 2 etc. etc. until it’s Monday. Dang, now we have to do school again.

Minnie The Moocher

So Yesterday Stephen and I found a big problem with the song Minnie the Moocher. The song says she sat and counted a 1,000,000 dollars worth of nickels and dimes, a 1,000,000 times. Therefore, she had at least ten 10,000,001 coins (because she had to had at least two nickels). If she counted one coin per second she would have been dreaming for 10,000,000 seconds. Then she counted them a 1,000,000 times so that’s 10,000,001 times 1,000,000 which is 10 to the power of 13. If you divided it by all the seconds in the year, which is 1,314,000 (not including leap years), it’s about 317,097.95. So she ended up having that really boring dream for over 300,000 years. No wonder they say poor Min at the end of the song.


Apparently Stephen just has one of those faces. People always think they have seen Stephen before, but they really haven’t, they just think that Stephen is Nicholas, or Jonathan, and occasionally even me! Lots of times people that Nicholas know, will talk to Stephen because they think he IS Nicholas. Yep, the amount of times Stephen has been asked if he is one of our twins is astounding. I guess I can understand thinking he is Nicholas or Jonathan’s twin, but ME! We look nothing alike. I think Stephen just needs to get his own face and stop looking like everyone else.

What I Love Most About Jackets

Pockets! Pockets! Pockets! I love pockets!

They just make life easier.  When I go to school  I carry with me a handkerchief, my money clip, my phone, my car keys, my phone’s cord, my flash drive, an eraser, my rosary, a pocket notebook, a pocket comb, a pocket knife, and three pencils.  This would be too much to keep track of even for most adventures  (Link would never be able to find his pencil), but when I wear a jacket I have, at least, eight pockets.  I have a place for everything and I know where everything is.  Pockets are great!