Announcements! Announcements! I Have Announcements!

That’s what my Mom says whenever she has something to say to all of the children, good, bad, or indifferent.  Actually, she kind of sings it.

For that reason, if for no other, this seemed like the perfect title for today’s post.  Yes, I have news (and I promise I’ll get to it just as soon as I’m done with the preamble…or you can just skip to the next paragraph).  Some of it’s good, I hope none of it’s bad, and I’m certainly not indifferent.  I’m exited.

First things first, the webcomic will no longer be posted on this blog.  Instead it will have it’s own blog and will be available on our site under the webcomic tab.  I will be posting a comic everyday starting with number one.  I do apologize to anyone who has been following the series as they will be ahead of new blog for about a month, but I re-lettered all the comics for ease of reading and I would like all the comics in one place.  Please check out the new blog anyways if you enjoy the comic, as I will be posting a new comic, “Hat and Tie,” every Sunday.

Furthermore if you would like to see the comics on the full note page (along with all my notes) I will be posting the un-cropped versions on my tumblr blog Longbow Comics.  The comics will also be on my Pinterest and Instagram page.

I am really excited about my new webcomic blogs.  I think they will be neater and easier to read.  I hope you all like this new format better too.


Please check out the comics and feel free to let me know what you think of the changes!