The Bush

Several months ago we bought a package of fresh basil.  This basil was so fresh it came with soil and roots in it.  After we had used the basil leaves we planted the roots.  Believe it or not they grew…a lot!  The bush was two feet high and a foot in diameter.  There was so much basil even our family could not eat it all.  So we cut it all down and Mom made two batches of pesto

The Basil Bush Cut Down

However, this did not significantly diminish the basil supply so we  hung the basil in bunches in the garage and dried it.  We then pulled the leaves off the stems leaving decorative dead stems.20161014_144003Then we crushed it (in a very artistic manner)

Finally we put our dried basil in a spice jar, or two, or three…

That was one big basil bush.

Sick as a Dog

Have you ever wondered where the expression “sick as a dog” comes from? I mean do dogs just get sick more often then people? I don’t think this is the case because every time I see a dog it looks fairly healthy… you know for a dog. Or do dogs just get extra sick when they do get sick? Having never owned a dog I may never know.

The Langenkamp Show!

We truly must live in a TV show or a sitcom! We were all going about our daily work, when Robert saw one of our neighbor’s wallet fall out of his pocket. Not wanting to go outside by himself he asked Jonathan to go and return the wallet. Of course Jonathan went out, and returned the wallet, but really, what are the odds.  Somehow Robert saw a wallet fall out a mans pocket across the street, through a window.

Grade A!

So the other day Mom saw Jonathan siting at his desk scribbling on a piece paper. When she asked him what he was doing he said he was trying to figure out what grade he got in one of his classes. So Mom asked him the percentages were, and he said 95.84, 97.21, 97.21, 93.22, 98.43, 99.49, 82.13, and 92.72. Yeah… Mom told him an A is an A no matter how you add it.


So today a FedEx car drove up, and the FedEx came out to bring us a package. As he was walking up to the door, Veronica saw him through the window, and yelled in her small yet excited voice, “FedEx!” As he handed Mom the package he laughed about Veronica’s excited squeal, which had pierced the walls quite effectively. He was quite amused, and gratified at Veronica’s enthusiasm.

Cleaning My Trumpet!

So the other day I had to clean my trumpet, and I mean REALLY clean it. Normally before I put away my instrument, I just have to empty the spit valve. This is really easy, because all I have to do is press that little button on the valve, and blow through the mouthpiece (the woodwinds in my family are kinda resentful about this since they have to clean their instruments piece by piece each time they put theirs away). Still every month or so I have to take the whole thing apart, run water through it, and scrub out the inside with these trumpet cleaning tools.20161205_172845

Then you lay it out on a towel to dry. 20161205_172934

Now if you ever need to clean trumpet, you can!

This post really has no purpose except for the fact that I have always wondered what a post written in the title would like. And I really have nothing interesting to say. Besides I had to carry out this experiment some time. Now though I am just wondering if there is a limit to how many words I can write in the title. I think it’s endless. This will make proofreading harder though.

My Pet Peeve

I have a lot of pet peeves actually.  This is probably because I have so few actual problems I invent problems for myself from stupid trivial things.  For example why does it bug me when people call comics cartoons or vice versa?  I don’t know.  (In my mind comics  are still pictures while cartoons are animated).  Other pet peeves include pj’s instead of pajamas, p b and j instead of peanut butter and jelly (pretty much any acronym with a “p” and a “j”), and calling ATM’s ATM machines (you know that would make it an automatic teller machine machine right?).

Yes I let a lot of pointless things bother me, but one of my bigger pet peeves is station id’s that brag about commercial free music.  I know theirs a small difference, but it always feels like I’m listening to a commercial about how that station doesn’t have commercials!

Strange Quote of the Week

So, Yesterday while I was working on cleaning my room, suddenly I heard Jonathan say, “Trapped in the bathroom forever. There are worse ways to go.” I’m not sure why he said it, or if what he said makes any sense in context, but either way I think that goes on the list of strange things I thought I would never hear.

Bare Feet no More!

So as I was walking out to bring in groceries today, and what should I run into, but a dog. Yep, a big brown dog just staring at me. So I started to go back inside but the dog was following me. Now here I got in a bit of a pickle. Because I didn’t want to try to go inside, and have it follow me, and I didn’t want to stay outside with what might be a stray dog (there are a couple in our neighborhood). To make matters worse I had no shoes on, so even though it looked friendly, if it attacked me I couldn’t kick it, and have it bite my foot. Luckily, Nicholas came out and told it to shoo, and it was friendly so it left. Still, I have resolved to wear shoes from now on.