Go Kart Racing

While Mom, Dad, Anne, and Veronica were on vacation the week before last, all the boys went Go Kart racing one of the days they were gone.  There were two different tracks you could race on.  One of the tracks had a lot of turns in it, the other track while it still had turns they weren’t as sharp, there weren’t as many of them, and with longer stretches of track at a time.  The karts start off really slow and gradually gets faster unless you run into something (which when you are beginning is really hard not to do) a lot in which case the kart is slowed down dramatically because the people who own the karts do not want the karts broken.  When you get better at driving you can drive around the track without having to slow down.  At this point you can get up to very good speeds, and when this happens if you haven’t used the brakes up to that point, you either HAVE to use the brakes or use the gas a lot less.  We raced three races and had a lot of fun.  Sadly, since we were all racing we could not take any pictures.

MAN Week!

Last week Tuesday Dad, Mom, Anne, and Veronica left for Ohio to go to a wedding and to film some scenes for our next video, leaving all the male children at home till Monday when they return.  This almost a weeks vacation we named MAN Week.  While they were gone we spent most of the time being lazy, eating bad for us food, and playing around.  We still practiced of course, we did the lawn, and naturally we kept the house in order while they were gone.  We went Go kart racing, to Dinosaur World, shopping for Lego, and to see Jurassic World while they were gone.  These trips, however, seem good enough to be blog posts of their own.

Gator Walking!

The week before last we went gator walking with our friends who were visiting from Ohio, and saw some very interesting, and almost spooky things while we were there.  Early on we saw a gator hunting an Anhinga.  At first it was swimming above water, but as it got closer to the bird it started swimming under water.IMG_0613 We watched a small trail of bubbles that came up as the gator swam under the water to find out where the gator moved to.  I was surprised by how fast the gator moved, for by the time the first bubbles came up the gator had already arrived at its destination.  We watched the gator maneuver around the bird till it crawled up the side of the other bank, and we lost sight of it.  We then walked on till this owl landed on tree branch above us.888888888It looked like it flew straight from Scooby Doo.  We walked under the owl and as we walked he watched us as we passed under him.  We stopped at what was like a covered pier that overlooked the lake.  It was a hot day so while everyone else waited Stephen and I ran ahead to get water, and had our first gator encounter.  The gator was lying in the middle of the path.  As we approached it got up and hissed at us.  We didn’t feel very threatened, however, since the gator was about the same size as one of our shoes.  We couldn’t get a picture though, because we had no camera at the time, but it was about the same size as that little gator right there.IMG_0661He probably doesn’t have very much reason to be mad huh?


On Tuesday some of our friends from Ohio were visiting, so the house was in an uproar.  We had been expecting them on Friday and Saturday, so when we learned they were going to arrive on Tuesday we all became very excited.  Our friends were going to arrive at five o’clock so around four thirty people were standing at the windows anxiously awaiting their arrival.  We all had a great time and tomorrow we going walking on a hiking trail to see some alligators.  Saturday we are having a really big party and we have invited over a bunch of other families and expect to have a very good time.