So as it turns out Yesterday was far more interesting than I thought it would be. We moved around a BUNCH of comic book boxes and other band stuff, moving them all into the studio. It does look a little disorganized, but it’s far better than all those good comics and stuff getting ruined in the garage. Besides I think it makes it look more soundroomy. We also hung up a cool new stained glass ornament in the front window. It looks pretty neat if you ask me.

Nicholas’ Superpower

For as long as I can remember Nicholas has been really good at predicting movie lines. No really, I remember being really little and we were watching the animated “Sleeping Beauty”, and the narrator said, “And they called her Aurora”. Nicholas, who had been studying Latin at the time, said, “They named her after the dawn?!”. Right after the narrator said, as if answering Nicholas, “Yes, they named her after the dawn”. And just last night we were watching a movie and Nicholas predicted EXACTLY what they were going to say. I think this must be his superpower. It’s not a very useful power, but it’s still a superpower.

































The Pouncing Bobcat!

Today Veronica showed me her very first comic book! Maybe Stephen has a replacement. The comic is called the Pouncing Bobcat. 102916011029160210291603b10291604It depicts what Veronica does in the morning: Jump out of bed, snuggle, eat a peanut butter snack, and eat an Ibis (wait…). Pretty good for a seven year old. Veronica says she would make more comics but she can never keep an idea in her head long enough to write it. Looks like you’re safe for now Stephen.

Hat-Mobile Model

Remember the orthographic drawing of the Hat-Mobile I uploaded a few days back?  I drew that for school with the intention (and requirement) of modeling the car in a 3D program. Well I was going to show it to you today, but I’m not going to anymore.

I’m sorry, but I planned to be done with my model last night.  Unfortunately that did not happen instead I had a very frustrating night because my modeling software crashed three times.  This was a problem, but it wasn’t half as bad as the fifteen- that’s right fifteen! – bad saves.  Every file I saved last night was corrupted when I reloaded it. So I gave up.

Don’t get me wrong I will finish a model of this stinkin’ car, but I’m just gonna start fresh.  I don’t care if it’s less efficient.  so I hope to present you all with a GOOD model of this car in a couple of weeks.  If not, know that I am wailing and gnashing my teeth at my 3D modeling software, Maya (free for students).

Announcements! Announcements! I Have Announcements!

That’s what my Mom says whenever she has something to say to all of the children, good, bad, or indifferent.  Actually, she kind of sings it.

For that reason, if for no other, this seemed like the perfect title for today’s post.  Yes, I have news (and I promise I’ll get to it just as soon as I’m done with the preamble…or you can just skip to the next paragraph).  Some of it’s good, I hope none of it’s bad, and I’m certainly not indifferent.  I’m exited.

First things first, the webcomic will no longer be posted on this blog.  Instead it will have it’s own blog and will be available on our site under the webcomic tab.  I will be posting a comic everyday starting with number one.  I do apologize to anyone who has been following the series as they will be ahead of new blog for about a month, but I re-lettered all the comics for ease of reading and I would like all the comics in one place.  Please check out the new blog anyways if you enjoy the comic, as I will be posting a new comic, “Hat and Tie,” every Sunday.

Furthermore if you would like to see the comics on the full note page (along with all my notes) I will be posting the un-cropped versions on my tumblr blog Longbow Comics.  The comics will also be on my Pinterest and Instagram page.

I am really excited about my new webcomic blogs.  I think they will be neater and easier to read.  I hope you all like this new format better too.


Please check out the comics and feel free to let me know what you think of the changes!

Opossum VS. Possum

The answer to the question I never knew existed.


Have you ever seen a small rodent like animal playing dead and wondered “is that a possum or an opossum?” Neither have I, quite frankly I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as an opossum until we made our fourth comic book. Turns out those funny rodents that play dead are  opossums and the differences don’t end there.


Opossums Possums
Habitat in colder climates like North America Habitat in subtropics primarily Australia
Omnivorous Mostly herbivorous, rarely omnivorous
Hairless tail functions as a

fifth hand

Bushy tail helps to balance


Thumb-like toes on all feet Thumb-like toes on back

feet only

Play dead Don’t play dead
Long faces with elongated snout Flat, round faces
Lifespan of 2 to 4 years Lifespan of 6 years
Gray or white fur Tan to brown fur



This whole confusing situation started when a gentleman named Sir Joseph Banks saw the possum in Australia and assumed it was in the same immediate family as the opossum. Little did he know that the two species’ only similarity is that they’re both small rodent like marsupials.