Knitting Accident!!!

Oh no, Anne has been knitting to much. She had a (to quote Veronica), “Knitting Accident! Weeeooo weeeooo weeeooo”. Seriously though Anne has to stop knitting for right now, because she accidentally gave herself a callus while knitting. Who knew knitting could be so dangerous?


So a while ago Anne picked up the knack for knitting. Often while we sit and watch a movie Anne will half watch, while her fingers continue to knit. Anne doesn’t knit scarfs or blankets or hats (although she could). Instead she knits wash cloths! They’re really neat wash cloths and some them have cool designs on them. And as you wash with them, because of the way they are made they stretch. Yeah, knit wash cloths are the best!


So as it turns out Yesterday was far more interesting than I thought it would be. We moved around a BUNCH of comic book boxes and other band stuff, moving them all into the studio. It does look a little disorganized, but it’s far better than all those good comics and stuff getting ruined in the garage. Besides I think it makes it look more soundroomy. We also hung up a cool new stained glass ornament in the front window. It looks pretty neat if you ask me.

Easter Eggs

This year we had a fairly easy time finding our Easter eggs. Because we ate them for dinner on Good Friday! Luckily I took some pictures of them before my siblings and I devoured them. We also had some eggs that had special designs on them. Like this polka dot egg. And this egg.We managed to make the designs on the eggs because Anne had the wonderful idea of dipping a Q-tip in the dye and then spreading it on the egg.

Writers Block

Many of you probably know what writers block is like. You try to write something and the right words don’t come to mind, or you just can’t figure out what to write. This actually happens quite frequently with me (it makes writing a daily blog slightly harder), but I think helps if you start writing something easy, even it has nothing to do with what you are trying to do, or write. Then it becomes easier for me to write something else.

I Wonder…

You know sometimes I wonder, who ever thought of things like juggling? What person decided to throw multiple objects in the air and catch them? Sure it’s cool and all, but who got the idea? Most likely a farmer I think, since they would be playing with a lot of round fruit anyway. I guess handstands would be done to show off, but you’d think you would fall on you’re face a lot. And sword swallowing? Sure the guy who thought of that was REALLY intelligent.

Green Pool

So yesterday I put up a post about how we painted the pool deck, but if you remember I never showed a picture with the pool uncovered. That’s because currently our pool is rather… green. Yeah, you can’t even see a foot into it. We let it turn green because the algae bonds with a chemical in the pool which, when we clean out the algae, will come out with it. And that will be nice I’m sure, but I still don’t like not being able to tell if an alligator is in the pool or not.


Today Christopher, Robert, and I painted the pool deck. So, this post will obviously be a before and after post. This is what it looked like before. Previously Robert and I had sealed all the cracks in the pool deck, so the trails were visible all over the deck.After we painted it however, (see I said “after”) you could hardly see the cracks. Now it looks much better.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Do you ever feel like you have a BUNCH of stuff to do. Because I do ALL the time. Not that I mean to complain, but sometimes I just want to scream, AHHHH, THERE AREN’T ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY!!! Okay, now I’m better, I’m good. We really are busy though, we are working getting new songs, writing new songs, fixing old songs, and doing a WHOLE LOT of practicing.