Last Thursday Nicholas, Stephen, and Jonathan went to a Catholic trivia thing, and one of the questions was, “Which saint walked for six miles carrying his head?”. As it turns out St. Denis, after being decapitated, immediately picked up his head and walked about seven miles preaching about repentance.

St. Denis was the first bishop or Paris, (you know, before he was beheaded) having been assigned there by Pope Fabian. He and his two companions were converting people so effectively that the pagan priests became alarmed over their loss of followers and had St. Denis and his two companions arrested. Later St. Denis and his two friends were decapitated and, picking up his head, St. Denis became the first Cephalophore. Cephalophore is a Greek word which literally means “head-carrier”.

Though St. Denis was the first cephalophore there were many other saints who carried their head. In fact 134 were counted in France alone.

Armadillo of Legends!

Evil stuffed animals beware! For a hero has awoken. The Armadillo of Legends! He single-handedly slew the giant polar bear,defeated a ship full of tiny pirates,and while ridding his faithful steed, the black panther,he wields “La Spada del Destino”! The Sword of Destiny!But is even he ready to face “The Revenge of the Polar Bear!”

Nicholas’ Superpower

For as long as I can remember Nicholas has been really good at predicting movie lines. No really, I remember being really little and we were watching the animated “Sleeping Beauty”, and the narrator said, “And they called her Aurora”. Nicholas, who had been studying Latin at the time, said, “They named her after the dawn?!”. Right after the narrator said, as if answering Nicholas, “Yes, they named her after the dawn”. And just last night we were watching a movie and Nicholas predicted EXACTLY what they were going to say. I think this must be his superpower. It’s not a very useful power, but it’s still a superpower.

































Math Problems

You know what I hate? When you’re trying to explain a math problem to someone and you’ve been trying for a really long time, and you almost think you’ve got it… And they still don’t understand you. I’m afraid this happens with Robert a lot. For some reason when Robert doesn’t understand something he has a hard time figuring it out.

Writers Block

Many of you probably know what writers block is like. You try to write something and the right words don’t come to mind, or you just can’t figure out what to write. This actually happens quite frequently with me (it makes writing a daily blog slightly harder), but I think helps if you start writing something easy, even it has nothing to do with what you are trying to do, or write. Then it becomes easier for me to write something else.

They’re Watching!

As I sit here writing this blog post, Anne just stands behind me. Why, what does she hope to gain. Is she just being creepy? Maybe she is trying to read the post before it is finished. Yes, that must be it. She pretends to be reading something else but I know what she is trying to do. I can’t let that happen! I won’t! But what should do? Maybe if I wait she will leave… A quick glance over my shoulder shows she is still there. Yeah right, just cause the bookcase is behind me people try to trick me into thinking they are reading. I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING DO YOU HEAR ME, I KNOW… What do you know she left. Maybe I was just being paranoid. Oh no, it’s Veronica. I KNOW she is trying to read the blog before it’s done. Sometimes, (much to my chagrin), she succeeds.

Giant Grasshopper!

I was going through some old photos and I found these pictures. I figured the best way to present them would be as a short story (a very short story). Oh no! It’s the attack of the giant grasshopper! The swat men fought bravely, but it was hopeless.Finally, the Lego Ninja Force showed up and saved the day.Or not.