Fixing the Car!

For the past few weeks while Dad’s car is parked a puddle has been forming on the ground where it has been parked.  To try and fix this leak we replaced the power steering fluid reservoir20150922_210806 which, as it turns out was the entire cause for the problem.  While we were working on the problem we worked on fixing a leak on the inside of the car which caused water to drain onto the car floor.  The leak was caused by broken seal by the A.C. unit.  To do this we took out the battery20150922_210742 and had to glue a small seal buried under a bunch of other car parts.  We had to use a thick tar like glue which was very difficult to apply and in the end, we had to use our hands to do so.  We used gloves of course and when we had finished the leak was fixed.  So unless Dad’s car decides to break down again we have fixed all its problems.