False Alarm

Remember that new plant in the park? Well there’s no need to worry it was just a false alarm. It was not actually a parasite or the fruit from the tree. It was a BIRD! Yep, it was a weird bird. I know because during the last thunderstorm it jumped out the tree and flew off to find a new home. If you wonder what kind of bird that was, it was the elusive plastic triangle bird. And I thought they were extinct.

Animal Show

Veronica put on an animal (stuffed animals) show today. There was a dinosaur that sword fought with its tail. A pink bear did gymnastics. There was a penguin that flew, and a duck that jumped at peoples faces. But the best act was a little pink mouse that ran around saying, “LITTLE PINK MOUSEY, LITTLE PINK MOUSEY, LITTLE PINK MOUSEY.” This act was clearly the best. After all the mouse was talking.