Mr. Squirrel

Today I saw Mr. Squirrel taking a quiet repose on the table in the park.You’d think if the squirrel had any brains it would be more afraid of the table, since that is where we eat other animals. Unfortunately for the squirrel it is sadly lacking in intellect.

Plant or Parasite!

Recently I found some strange new plant species growing in the park. I am not sure what it is yet, but I am currently gathering data on it to try to ascertain it’s origin. It is a yellowish color, and has rigid, somewhat triangular shape. It’s possible it is the fruiting body of the plant, however I am afraid it might be a fungal parasite. If anyone one has any idea what this thing might be, please contact me immediately! I would definitely not want this unsightly plant spreading.

Stylish Plumeria!

I have always liked our plumeria, the way its branches bend instead of breaking, and the way the flowers look when it is in bloom. Recently however, when walking home from the park I have noticed that the plumeria looks kinda barren and sad. So I came with a great idea to restore its look of color and fullness, that is both practical and useful. We can use it as a hat-rack! That way you have a convenient place to hang your hats during a barbecue, your tree looks really stylish, and you can get a great new storage place. See! Even the shadow looks cool. The one problem is if it rains your hat will get wet, or the hat gets dirty, or rodents start living in it, or spiders and other bugs make a home it, or it gets blown away, or your hat could get stolen, or… okay maybe it really isn’t such a great idea.