The Man

So, I’ve noticed that my blog posts haven’t been as funny as they could be recently. This was rather disheartening. Maybe I’d lost my touch (more likely I never had one). Maybe I had finally ran out of ideas. Whatever the cause I decided I had to get back to my inner-artist. So I wrote a brand new story. A story greater than all my other stories. A story that will leave people guessing. A story unlike any other. And so, with out further adieu, my great new masterpiece:

The Man

There once was a man. And then he died.

It really speaks to you doesn’t it.

False Alarm

Remember that new plant in the park? Well there’s no need to worry it was just a false alarm. It was not actually a parasite or the fruit from the tree. It was a BIRD! Yep, it was a weird bird. I know because during the last thunderstorm it jumped out the tree and flew off to find a new home. If you wonder what kind of bird that was, it was the elusive plastic triangle bird. And I thought they were extinct.

Plant or Parasite!

Recently I found some strange new plant species growing in the park. I am not sure what it is yet, but I am currently gathering data on it to try to ascertain it’s origin. It is a yellowish color, and has rigid, somewhat triangular shape. It’s possible it is the fruiting body of the plant, however I am afraid it might be a fungal parasite. If anyone one has any idea what this thing might be, please contact me immediately! I would definitely not want this unsightly plant spreading.

I Try Really Hard

You know I try really hard to make this blog, both interesting and amusing. The problem is some days nothing of substance happens. Then I have to try to think of something put on the blog which ultimately becomes, I’m just going to say it, insane gibberish. It’s a small problem for me. So I just wanted to say, so I have it on record, I am not an insane person. Then again that’s what crazy person would say…


Many of you know that today is the beginning of Daylight savings time. I know this because yesterday, Stephen’s phone told him that Daylight savings time begins all day today. What I bet you did not know, is that today is not Sunday, but actually Monday. After all if Daylight savings begins all day today, then at 12 the clock goes forward to 1 then it begins again, and 1 goes to 2 etc. etc. until it’s Monday. Dang, now we have to do school again.

Animal Show

Veronica put on an animal (stuffed animals) show today. There was a dinosaur that sword fought with its tail. A pink bear did gymnastics. There was a penguin that flew, and a duck that jumped at peoples faces. But the best act was a little pink mouse that ran around saying, “LITTLE PINK MOUSEY, LITTLE PINK MOUSEY, LITTLE PINK MOUSEY.” This act was clearly the best. After all the mouse was talking.

I Wonder…

You know sometimes I wonder, who ever thought of things like juggling? What person decided to throw multiple objects in the air and catch them? Sure it’s cool and all, but who got the idea? Most likely a farmer I think, since they would be playing with a lot of round fruit anyway. I guess handstands would be done to show off, but you’d think you would fall on you’re face a lot. And sword swallowing? Sure the guy who thought of that was REALLY intelligent.

The Sky

I have a question, and I want an honest answer: what is the color of the sky at night? Please comment and tell me what you think. The reason I ask is my older brothers used to argue about whether or not the sky at night was dark blue, or black. As they grew older both decided the other was right… and therefore they still argued just with the opposite views. What do you think?

Busy, Busy, Busy

Do you ever feel like you have a BUNCH of stuff to do. Because I do ALL the time. Not that I mean to complain, but sometimes I just want to scream, AHHHH, THERE AREN’T ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY!!! Okay, now I’m better, I’m good. We really are busy though, we are working getting new songs, writing new songs, fixing old songs, and doing a WHOLE LOT of practicing.

February 3rd!

Yay, it’s finally February 3rd, and not Groundhog day. Reliving the day over and over was really annoying, but I figured it out. It all had to do with living a perfect day or something like that. By the way did the silly groundhog see it’s shadow or not? You know after 37 days you’d think I would have figured that out.