Last Thursday Nicholas, Stephen, and Jonathan went to a Catholic trivia thing, and one of the questions was, “Which saint walked for six miles carrying his head?”. As it turns out St. Denis, after being decapitated, immediately picked up his head and walked about seven miles preaching about repentance.

St. Denis was the first bishop or Paris, (you know, before he was beheaded) having been assigned there by Pope Fabian. He and his two companions were converting people so effectively that the pagan priests became alarmed over their loss of followers and had St. Denis and his two companions arrested. Later St. Denis and his two friends were decapitated and, picking up his head, St. Denis became the first Cephalophore. Cephalophore is a Greek word which literally means “head-carrier”.

Though St. Denis was the first cephalophore there were many other saints who carried their head. In fact 134 were counted in France alone.

Happy Feast of the Solemnity of St. Joseph!

Happy Feast of the Solemnity of St. Joseph! Though technically Yesterday was the actual day when the feast would normally take place, our parish is celebrating it today. It’s a pretty special feast day, if you ask me. After all St. Joseph is both the patron saint for St. Joseph’s (obviously) and ME!

St. Valentine!

Happy St. Valentines day everyone! I know most of you are probably thinking Valentines day is a day all about love and sappy stuff like that, but no, it’s MANLY! It celebrates the martyrdom of a priest, who the Romans killed because he refused to stop performing the sacrament of matrimony… Okay so it’s a little sappy… But it’s mostly MANLY!!!