My Phone Really Hates Me

So I recently told you guys about that time I thought I lost my Phone and blamed it on my Jacket pockets. I was wrong my pockets were innocent, it turns out my phone hates me. It keeps dropping Mom’s calls or going straight to voicemail and when I finally got through to Mom it sounded like she was abducted by aliens. The worst part was when I tried to text mom thank you I ended up with “thighight” which isn’t even a word. Then instead of deleting this my phone sent it any way so from this point on my phone and I are at war.

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Yeah, this what happens when you write like people in movies. But who can blame them? I like beating on the keyboard too.


So what am I going to write about today? NOTHING absolutely NOTHING. In fact you should probably just stop reading this post. It just isn’t worth it because I am just going to stop writing…. Are you still here? Seriously I have nothing to say and if there is one thing I hate it’s people who say they are going to stop talking or writing but never do because they know that if there are words on the page your eyes will naturally read it. It could continue on into infinity. Seriously if you are going to stop just do it. But I’m done I’m just going to stop writing right now… Okay now I’m done… Definitely the last thing…


Second First Blog post

Hello everyone it’s Jonathan again. Now you may have noticed a blog post came out entitled my first blog post. The only problem with this is that post was the second post of mine to come out on the blog. The reason for this is quite simple I wrote the post entitled my first post scheduled it and then later wrote another post that I scheduled to come out before my first post.  Why did I do this? Maybe I merely forgot about when I had scheduled my first post to come out and it was all a giant accident or maybe it was a plot to get two posts out of one. Either way I feel really silly.


One of the first things I see when I log into WordPress is this little box that says Quick draft. Inside that box are the words What’s on your mind. I was thinking about this and I realized what’s on my mind is always blogging. When I’m on WordPress I always have blogging on my mind. So in answer to your question WordPress: Blogging, always blogging