Monday Morning

It’s always difficult to write a blog post on Monday. Mainly because my brain is flooded with the overwhelming fact that I have to do school again. Not to mention the fact that I still kinda sore from crawling around in the attic Friday and Saturday. But hey, that’s what I’m going to be doing today: school work. Oh, and practicing.

Spelling Errors… In a Spelling Book!

So today Veronica was filling in the blanks in a short story for her spelling. And she noticed that one of the words in the spelling book had been typed incorrectly. So Veronica simply corrected the error with her pencil and moved on.

Math Problems

You know what I hate? When you’re trying to explain a math problem to someone and you’ve been trying for a really long time, and you almost think you’ve got it… And they still don’t understand you. I’m afraid this happens with Robert a lot. For some reason when Robert doesn’t understand something he has a hard time figuring it out.

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi day everybody! Today is the 3rd month of the year and the 14th day of the month. So today is 3/14 or Pi day! That means we should all celebrate by doing math problems involving Pi, like finding the diameter of a circle, or the area of a cylinder.  If you want to have real fun you could find the area of a sphere…or maybe eating normal pie would be more fun.

What I Love Most About Jackets

Pockets! Pockets! Pockets! I love pockets!

They just make life easier.  When I go to school  I carry with me a handkerchief, my money clip, my phone, my car keys, my phone’s cord, my flash drive, an eraser, my rosary, a pocket notebook, a pocket comb, a pocket knife, and three pencils.  This would be too much to keep track of even for most adventures  (Link would never be able to find his pencil), but when I wear a jacket I have, at least, eight pockets.  I have a place for everything and I know where everything is.  Pockets are great!

My Phone Really Hates Me

So I recently told you guys about that time I thought I lost my Phone and blamed it on my Jacket pockets. I was wrong my pockets were innocent, it turns out my phone hates me. It keeps dropping Mom’s calls or going straight to voicemail and when I finally got through to Mom it sounded like she was abducted by aliens. The worst part was when I tried to text mom thank you I ended up with “thighight” which isn’t even a word. Then instead of deleting this my phone sent it any way so from this point on my phone and I are at war.

A Math Poem

Because what the world really needs a is poem about math, because then everyone can hate it!


Arcosine undoes cosine
Secant is the reciprocal of  Sine
y= ax^2 + bx +c is a parabola
but y = mx +b is a line

An "x" tells you when to multiply
So does a dot, I don't know why
I'd tell you about parenthesis
but I think you'd probably cry

log is a function, "e" a number
pi is two, it's really a bummer
it's 3.1415926535897932384624338
as well as 180 is there anything dumber?

When writing an equation orders necessary
x before y, y before z
but w comes last
that makes no sense to me.

it all seems so paradoxical
because math is supposed to be logical!

In case your wondering, yes, I wrote this for school.

My College Diet Plan

Today I had a big test in Machine Learning (it’s a class about computer algorithms).  The test was 25% of my grade so I studied hard, on an unrelated note there will be no new comic this week (just kidding).  When the test was over I left feeling very good about it.  I thought, “I’ll get a snack from the food court to celebrate.”

With junk food in mind I pulled out my wallet counted my money and calculated how many tanks of gas I could buy before I was flat again.  I then put my wallet back in my pocket and ate a delicious lunch of pulled pork at home.

That’s right my fad diet is simple, be broke.

Now the skeptical reader may think, “but I have a steady job with money in the bank,  I have money to spend.”

So do I.  I have income, I have savings, but that doesn’t mean I want to blow it on junk food.  More accurately I want to, but I can’t bring myself to.

I encourage you to follow the same procedure I do, before you buy food.  Calculate your income and your expected expense.  Be sure to include things like regular food, gas money, oil money, room and board, laundry detergent, dish soap, and other necessities.  Once you know your income vs. expenses you should see if you have enough in reserve for emergencies.  This amount will vary directly with your responsibilities (if you have more people depending on you you’ll want more money).  Next look ahead, do you have money for Christmas gifts?  What about birthdays?  Do you own a car? a house?  Do you want to?  What if something happens to your home or car, can you replace them? What about books, phones and laptops?  Are you married if not how much money do you want in the bank when you get married, if so better plan for another dependent.

If after all this you still feel like you can afford an unnecessary snack, donate to charity, you have way too much money.