Longbow Playing at Tiger Town!

Unfortunately, we weren’t playing baseball, actually that was probably quite fortunate, since none of the family has even a modicum of skill at the sport (which suddenly strikes me as ironic since our family actually has enough children to make our own baseball team).

Instead of playing the sport, we were playing music, which for me was actually far more fun, so i’d like to extend a big thanks to the Kiwanis Club having us out yesterday!  We had a stupendous time and the Lakeland Flying Tigers were kind enough to video one of our songs and live stream it on their Facebook page!  You should really check out the video on their page, Lakeland Flying Tigers Baseball, not for my sake…well kind of for my sake, but also to show support for the Kiwanis Club and The Home of the Flying Tigers!

After our performance we watched Kathryn Koch and some other skilled dancers from Care to Dance. We had a great time clapping and stamping to the music.  They even let us join in the last dance!

Then we walked around the newly refurbished Joker Marchant Stadium.  It was truly a beautiful ballpark.  I’ve only been to a baseball game two or three times in my life (I know, I’m a terrible American), but this magnificent park made me nostalgic for the unique experience of baseball, the cheer of the crowd, the thrill of the game, and the taste of warm hot dog, an experience I’ve never had.  Here’s a picture Nicholas took of the park.

Nicholas also took a picture of us at the stadium (Veronica’s hiding behind the railing).

and one of us in the bleachers. 

Finally, here is one of the little four in the big sports chairs…I don’t really get the big chair thing.

In case you can’t tell from the above four paragraphs, we had a lot of fun and hope to come back soon to watch and maybe play there again some time, maybe we can play a game against the Tigers!…the team, not the real kind.


Apparently Stephen just has one of those faces. People always think they have seen Stephen before, but they really haven’t, they just think that Stephen is Nicholas, or Jonathan, and occasionally even me! Lots of times people that Nicholas know, will talk to Stephen because they think he IS Nicholas. Yep, the amount of times Stephen has been asked if he is one of our twins is astounding. I guess I can understand thinking he is Nicholas or Jonathan’s twin, but ME! We look nothing alike. I think Stephen just needs to get his own face and stop looking like everyone else.

Longbow Performs Valentine’s Day

A big thanks to everyone at our Valentine’s day performance! We all had a great time entertaining and the audience was great!

We met a lot of very interesting people, including a nice lady who gave Anne and Veronica hand made chocolate grand pianos (Christopher and Robert got a bunny and a butterfly).

We all had a great time and hope to see you all at our next public performance on the 26th!

Thank You St. Joseph’s

Our family would like to extend our thanks to Fr. Ramon and everyone who helped with the St. Joseph’s Carnival.  We really appreciate the chance to play for our St. Joseph’s community and we had a great time.  We received a lot of support and are very grateful to everyone who came to see us. We’d like to thank all the people who clapped for us, cheered for us, or danced to our songs, as well as anyone who emailed us or tagged us on Facebook.

Thanks again St. Joseph!

Longbow at Arbor Oaks

As you may have guessed from the title of this post we played at Arbor Oaks recently, last Saturday to be exact.  The people there were very enthusiastic, clapping and singing  along with our songs.  We had a great time and made a short video of from clips of our performance.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Big Thanks to Grace Manor!

A big thanks to the Grace Manor for having us come play our show yesterday.  We had a great time and the staff was very helpful.  The people there were all enthusiastic and appreciative. They really seemed to like our show, almost as much as they liked Veronica.  She is a tiny ham.

Me and My Saxophone

(Of course I just posted a picture of me so I’m not really one to talk.)

At Grace Manor

We had so much fun performing we forgot to take any pictures except for Nicholas who had the presence of mind to take the one of me and one of our delightful audience.