A Poem For How Much I Love You

I love you as much as water loves the sun,

I love you as much as old men love to run,

I love you as much as a baby not eating,

I love you as much as a baby when teething,

I love you as much as cats love dogs,

I love you as much as people love hogs,

In short, I hate you.

Never speak to me again,

At least until I am one-hundred and ten.

A poem for someone who won’t leave you alone.

A Math Poem

Because what the world really needs a is poem about math, because then everyone can hate it!


Arcosine undoes cosine
Secant is the reciprocal of  Sine
y= ax^2 + bx +c is a parabola
but y = mx +b is a line

An "x" tells you when to multiply
So does a dot, I don't know why
I'd tell you about parenthesis
but I think you'd probably cry

log is a function, "e" a number
pi is two, it's really a bummer
it's 3.1415926535897932384624338
as well as 180 is there anything dumber?

When writing an equation orders necessary
x before y, y before z
but w comes last
that makes no sense to me.

it all seems so paradoxical
because math is supposed to be logical!

In case your wondering, yes, I wrote this for school.

Little Mecca of Cool

Here are a few stanzas of a poem I wrote for school  about my home, Lakeland.  It’s short and maybe a little corny, but I like it, it’s about my home.


If you need a little relaxation
or a change in climate
Or maybe a vacation.
With a fruitful diet.

There’s a real hep spot down Florida way
Little Mecca of Cool Lakeland U.S.A

Where the orange trees grow
And the lakes are blue.
The tropic breezes blow
They got gators too!

So have a swell time were the palm trees sway
Little Mecca of Cool, Lakeland U.S.A.!

A Clerihew or Two.

Hey cats,  better get your coffee and sunglasses ’cause it’s time for some poetry, man! Brought to you by the brother’s beatniks blog.

On that note here are few clerihews I wrote for school.  A clerihew is a type of poem invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley.  They’re very simple poems, really, the first line is the name of some famous person who the poem is about and the rhyme scheme is AABB.  Those are really the only requirements.  And so without further ado my clerihews!

Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Converted to Catholic from Anglican
In his books he said protestants fail
To recognize the good of ale.

Mr. George Washington
Was a wealthy farmer’s son,
But he decided to deal with men in battle
So he wouldn’t have to deal with cattle.

G.K. Chesterton
Is a famous Englishmen
When he needed to fill his coffers
He became a Catholic author.

(I know two Chesterton poems is excessive, but I couldn’t resist).
And finally…

Edmund Bentley Clerihew
Needed something new to do
He said, “I’ll never have to work again
If I write poems of famous men!”

Well that’s it I hope you dig these poems Daddy-o!