The Armadillo of Legends: Defender of Stuffed Animals

The Armadillo of Legends: Defender of Stuffed Animals

The Armadillo’s left arm strained, and gave way under the pressure of the Elephant’s mighty strength. The Armadillo fell over backwards and rolled away avoiding the Elephants giant crushing hooves.

Earlier the Armadillo had thought that his shield would break under the strain of the Elephant’s attack, but instead it appeared to become stronger, more stable in his hand, with each blow. The Armadillo was faster than his opponent and as the elephant raised his hands for the next blow, the Armadillo slid under his feet slicing his ankle as he went!

The Elephant turned to attack firing his crossbow at the Armadillo. Reflexively the Armadillo raised his shield to block the bolt. He expected his shield would stop the bolt, but he did not expect it to react in the way that it did. The shield had changed during the battle from an old wooden shield, to a worthy armament, solid in construction and made of shimmering silver metal. When the bolt struck the front of the shield, it glowed for a minute, then the metal shuddered and absorbed the energy.

Recoiling the Elephant muttered to himself, “Very interesting. I must study that shield. Maybe I can use it in my cookie ray!”. The Armadillo stopped for a moment and cocked his head quizzically.  He had never heard of a cookie ray.  The very idea seemed preposterous, mad even.  Perhaps this made sense as the man promoting the ray was referred to as The Mad Elephant.

Said crazed elephant fired again, and again with crossbow while the Armadillo stood behind the cover of his mighty shield. The bolts struck and bounced off one after another. Clang, Clang.  With each strike the shield glowed it’s mystical silver each time brighter and brighter.  The shield bestowed upon him by The Attack Frog was indeed a gift, but the Armadillo had no time to ponder the Stone Monument’s generosity, or the magical properties of his shield.  Eventually, he would weary hiding behind the shield or the gray mass firing down at him would grow tired of watching the silver triangle absorb his projectiles and devise a more effective method of attack.  Either way the Armadillo wanted to act first.  He rifled through his bag looking for something to give him an edge in the battle. Finally he struck upon it. Reaching deep in the bag he pulled out blue bomb, about the size of his head, and hurled it at the Elephant. The Elephant curled up his trunk in front of him as the bomb exploded in his face.

Following up his unexpected attack the Armadillo rushed forward, and toppled the Elephant. Sweeping his sword the Armadillo smacked his crossbow away. Turning onto his side, the Elephant waved his wand, and the ground beneath the Armadillo became as smooth as glass. The Armadillo began to slip, so he flipped backwards off of the patch of ground. “Arghh! Why do you pester me so? I’m not really a bad guy. For to long have I been misunderstood. All I want to do is perfect my harmless cookie ray. So I can eat the world.”

The Armadillo just stared at him, his face a mixture of amazement and confusion (mostly confusion). Recovering his composure he circled around the patch of ground so that he stood once more in front of the Elephant.

Faster than the eye could follow the Armadillo threw flash powder on the ground blinding the Elephant. While he was blinded, the Armadillo rushed forward and jumped in the air, he kicked the Elephant square in the chest, knocking him onto the glass like ground.

As the pachyderm fell the wand flew from his hand. The Armadillo quickly clove it in half, and put his sword point to the Elephants throat. “I didn’t steal the muffins! I swear!” shrieked the Elephant.

The Armadillo looked at him quizzically.

“Oh, you’re not the muffin man. Sorry about that. I lied. I really did steal the muffins.”

The Armadillo pressed the sword closer to his opponent’s throat.

“Alright, fine. I don’t have the Princess. She’s in the Blue Ruins. She is being held captive by some strange shadow group. I’m not sure who the members are.”

Grunting in frustration the Armadillo whacked the Elephant, with his sword hilt. Quickly tying up the unconscious Elephant the Armadillo struck out on his quest once more. As he walked away he heard someone hailing him from behind.

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