Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day!

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day everyone! Now I know Mother’s Day was actually yesterday, but I completely forgot to put up a blog post about it. It’s not that I don’t love my Mother I just forgot to write a blog post about it. Anyways, yesterday we got Mom a brand new shiny bike! Mom used to ride to ride a bunch before we moved to Florida, but we haven’t used our bikes a lot since we got to Florida. So, Mom’s old bike needed new inner-tubes, but mostly, the bike was too tall. So we got Mom a great new bike. And also a very girly bike. So, Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Easter Eggs

This year we had a fairly easy time finding our Easter eggs. Because we ate them for dinner on Good Friday! Luckily I took some pictures of them before my siblings and I devoured them. We also had some eggs that had special designs on them. Like this polka dot egg. And this egg.We managed to make the designs on the eggs because Anne had the wonderful idea of dipping a Q-tip in the dye and then spreading it on the egg.

Nicholas’ Superpower

For as long as I can remember Nicholas has been really good at predicting movie lines. No really, I remember being really little and we were watching the animated “Sleeping Beauty”, and the narrator said, “And they called her Aurora”. Nicholas, who had been studying Latin at the time, said, “They named her after the dawn?!”. Right after the narrator said, as if answering Nicholas, “Yes, they named her after the dawn”. And just last night we were watching a movie and Nicholas predicted EXACTLY what they were going to say. I think this must be his superpower. It’s not a very useful power, but it’s still a superpower.

































Giant Grasshopper!

I was going through some old photos and I found these pictures. I figured the best way to present them would be as a short story (a very short story). Oh no! It’s the attack of the giant grasshopper! The swat men fought bravely, but it was hopeless.Finally, the Lego Ninja Force showed up and saved the day.Or not.

Bee Slayer!

So the other day Christopher, Robert, and I noticed a swarm of bugs flying outside the studio window (we call the room in the back the studio, because that is where we practice).  We realized the bugs were a bunch of bees, swarming around the palm tree.

Later that day when we went outside we found that the bee had quickly constructed a large hive in the palm tree. Since it was later in the day the bee were far less active, so Dad took the bee killer, sprayed the nest all over, and then ran inside. The bees were as mad as hornets (or maybe bees)! They flew around palm tree like crazy, attempting to find their tormentor, but to no avail.

By time we came back to see if any of the bees had survived the nest had already fallen off the palm tree. All that was left of that mighty bee army, was one solitary bee, who flew around the palm tree, looking for his lost city. A city he would never find, for it had been destroyed by my Father, the bee slayer.

Toads in Florida

So a couple days ago Nicholas was taking out the trash and he called us out to show us something. As it turns out it was this very large toad.kimg0603

We all watched it for a while, and were really quite impressed with this small rotund creature. The funny thing is, though this toad was fairly large, it was just an ordinary toad. We had frogs in Ohio by the dozens every year, and took little notice of them. Then when we moved to Florida we thought the lizards were quite the novelty. I had never seen a lizards in person before we moved to Florida, because they could not survive the winter in Ohio. Now we think nothing of the lizards and think frogs are a novelty! However, lizards do still freak out Mom  if they get in the living room.


“We do not run in the house, and use the footstool as a diving board to get on the sofa!” Veronica may have been feeling a little rambunctious this morning. Yep, that’s just another one of the weird things Mom never thought she’d have to say as a parent. It’s almost as bad as the time when the older boys were little, and she had to make a rule about keeping your forks below your head while you eat. Or the time she had to tell Nicholas, (and he was a lot younger at the time, but still) not to drop cars on Stephen’s head. Who thinks that’s a good idea in the first place!

Nativity Scene

This is one of my favorite Christmas decorations.

Looks pretty keen huh? We got this nativity scene a couple of years ago when a man came to our parish to raise money to help people in the Holy Lands. He gave a really great speech and besides a few other things we got this nativity set. It is made of olive wood and looks really nifty. In fact Mom likes it so much, we leave it up all year.