St. Patrick

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day! So happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I would have said this yesterday, but I completely forgot about the blog. It was also Mom’s birthday. Okay not really. But Mom’s phone really thought it was. The day before Yesterday it kept saying it would be Mom’s birthday. Since the reminder was completely wrong, Mom deleted it. And Yesterday it came back! Mom’s phone was convinced Yesterday was her birthday. It was really weird.

Bragging Rights!

Hey everyone, it’s December fourth! You know what that means. I can now officially brag about my birthday! Now, this may seem like an odd thing to say, but there is actually a rule in our house about when you can start bragging about your birthday. The reason for this is, apparently when my older brothers were little they would start to brag to their brothers, (and Mom) about their birthdays at least three months in advance. So, Mom made a rule that you had to wait till it was a month away from your birthday to start talking about it. That being said… It’s a month away from my birthday, it’s a month away from my birthday, it’s a month away from my birthday. Okay, now I’m done.