It’s Not My Fault, Coffee Did it!

I have a terrible migraine today.  In case you’ve never had one, a migraine is a lot like a headache, only it feels like there’s a jackhammer right behind one of your eyes.  Like the responsible adult I am I have decided that my headache is clearly due to not getting enough coffee two days ago (thanks to the broken carafe) and not due to me staying up until one thirty last night writing an assembly level computer program to solve the quadratic equation (I only had a week to do the assignment so…I have no idea what I was thinking).

This bit of genius (blaming my headache on coffee not working into the A.M. on a complex computer program) lead me to an even greater stroke of genius.  I’ll just blame all my problems on coffee (or rather lack of coffee).  I play my song wrong, not enough coffee.  I draw Nightstick, but he looks like a badger, not enough coffee.  I drop a plate while clearing the table, too little caffeine.  It’s a perfect plan!

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Stephen is the saxophone player for Longbow and draws the H.A.T.S. comics and the Between Class Comics.

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