The Sewing Shelf

My mother is an avid sewer and like most seamstresses she has a small collection of fabric for future projects.  So when we recently redecorated her room we added a nice little shelf for her fabric.  A twelve square foot shelf.

After we were done Mom began sorting her fabric onto the shelf.  She was going to take a picture of the shelf to send to her friends in Ohio.  She said she was trying to find the balance between having an insane amount of fabric on the shelf and having so little that it was clear she wasn’t showing her whole stash because she didn’t want to show that she had an insane amount of fabric.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture when this balance was achieved so instead you can see her entire -neatly organized- collection.img_3499


So what am I going to write about today? NOTHING absolutely NOTHING. In fact you should probably just stop reading this post. It just isn’t worth it because I am just going to stop writing…. Are you still here? Seriously I have nothing to say and if there is one thing I hate it’s people who say they are going to stop talking or writing but never do because they know that if there are words on the page your eyes will naturally read it. It could continue on into infinity. Seriously if you are going to stop just do it. But I’m done I’m just going to stop writing right now… Okay now I’m done… Definitely the last thing…


Food for the Thought?

So, if something really profound is food for the thought, then is something really stupid poison for the thought? Or, maybe it’s just bad for you food for the thought. Maybe things that are really intelligent are organic food for the thought, and regular things that make you think are normal food for the thought and this post is just junk food for the thought.

I Have a Skill and I Never Even Knew it!

I wore a black suit to school today with a bright blue shirt and vivid yellow tie.  Of course I also wore my favorite hat (a straw fedora I have been told is brown).  I was walking across campus when I noticed a group of grade schoolers being given a tour of Florida Poly (I couldn’t really have missed them there were three tour guides and over a hundred children).  My head was down as there was wind and I was taking care not to lose my hat to the lake again, but I noticed a boy ahead of me waving excitedly at me.  As I walked by I nodded to the young man.  He ceased waving as if shocked.  “Oh my gosh!” he shouted to his friends. “He even moves his head super cool!”

So there you have it. I have the awesome skill of moving my head super cool.  I didn’t even know that was a thing!

More Retro Lego


Anyone remember these guys? They were called Throwbots, or Slizers in Europe.  
They are without doubt my favorite of the Technique robot figures from Lego.  Maybe this is because they were the first set we owned when I was little, but I really don’t think so.  I think they were just the most innovative  and creative.  Not only do they all look cool and are all composed of the same type of pieces, but they also have great boxes/ships they fold up into.  These boxes even store their throwing disks!    Despite their similarities they are all completely unique.




My favorite is Turbo (also called City in Europe).  He’s the light green car one.

Turbo Again!
Turbo Again!

And just in case you haven’t seen enough Throwobot pics…20161016_120020

Jet from Above


Nicholas’ Favorite
Joseph’s Favorite



So, Nicholas got a bunch of glow-sticks recently, and we were all playing with them when I discovered something very odd. For some reason Veronica, Christopher, and Robert all call the glow-sticks, (and I’m quoting them here) “Burritos”.

I just wonder why they call them that. I guess burritos, and glow-sticks are both cylinders… no, it’s just weird.

Second First Blog post

Hello everyone it’s Jonathan again. Now you may have noticed a blog post came out entitled my first blog post. The only problem with this is that post was the second post of mine to come out on the blog. The reason for this is quite simple I wrote the post entitled my first post scheduled it and then later wrote another post that I scheduled to come out before my first post.  Why did I do this? Maybe I merely forgot about when I had scheduled my first post to come out and it was all a giant accident or maybe it was a plot to get two posts out of one. Either way I feel really silly.

I’m Mad at Ben Franklin

I know recently I was celebrating the time change due to daylight savings time.  I take it all back.  “Why?” you ask because now my evening class that used to let out when it was starting to get dark outside, starts  when it’s dark outside.  I retract everything I said.  I am now fully against the idea of setting clocks forwards or backwards.

I know that Mr. Franklin was not behind us adopting daylight savings time, but I have it from reliable sources (children’s cartoons) that it was his idea.  As such I am directing all my aggravation  towards him.

Mistress of Laughter

Ah, Anne. She is the only person I know who can sit and laugh for five minutes straight, and after much quizzing and questioning you can just make out between giggles that she does not even know why she was laughing she simply started laughing because someone else was. She’s great at parties though. She always laughs at your jokes even if she does not understand them. The best part is it’s not as if she fake laughs. She is quite sincere in her laughter. One of her friends even described it as contagious. Yep she laughs so heartily that she can have everyone in stitches over literally nothing! There’s one sad part though. She rarely finishes an amusing story because the minute she starts talking about it she busts out laughing!