What I Love Most About Jackets

Pockets! Pockets! Pockets! I love pockets!

They just make life easier.  When I go to school  I carry with me a handkerchief, my money clip, my phone, my car keys, my phone’s cord, my flash drive, an eraser, my rosary, a pocket notebook, a pocket comb, a pocket knife, and three pencils.  This would be too much to keep track of even for most adventures  (Link would never be able to find his pencil), but when I wear a jacket I have, at least, eight pockets.  I have a place for everything and I know where everything is.  Pockets are great!

The Shelf

So today I finished a brand new shelf!20161122_082723

Now all Stephen’s retro Lego can sit on top of it. And Nicholas, Stephen, Jonathan, and I can all store two of our favorite hats on it (the two I put up are on the left end). As cool as it may look though it’s not as if I came up with it. Dad designed the shelf I just built it. But now we have more room to store hats and Lego. Because who doesn’t need more room for Lego.

Peppermint and sweater vests

So have you ever sat back and wondered what do sweater vests and peppermints have in common? Probably not but I have and so I will now tell you all about there similarities. This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while. First, similarity is you generally only see peppermints and sweater vests around Christmastime. Second, both peppermints and sweater vests are generally colorful. Most importantly, both peppermints and sweater vests make me happier. I am easily 15% happier when wearing a sweater vest or when eating peppermint. If I combine the two and eat a peppermint and wear a sweater vest I will be at least 30% happier.

I have too many pockets

Today when I got out of school, I tried to call Mom, but I couldn’t. Not for any really good reason like I was fighting jaguars or diffusing a bomb. No, I couldn’t call Mom because I had lost my phone. I spent the next 5 minutes retracing my steps, until I suddenly noticed a bulge  in one of my less used jacket pockets. It was my phone. That was when I came to the conclusion I had too many pockets.

I Have a Skill and I Never Even Knew it!

I wore a black suit to school today with a bright blue shirt and vivid yellow tie.  Of course I also wore my favorite hat (a straw fedora I have been told is brown).  I was walking across campus when I noticed a group of grade schoolers being given a tour of Florida Poly (I couldn’t really have missed them there were three tour guides and over a hundred children).  My head was down as there was wind and I was taking care not to lose my hat to the lake again, but I noticed a boy ahead of me waving excitedly at me.  As I walked by I nodded to the young man.  He ceased waving as if shocked.  “Oh my gosh!” he shouted to his friends. “He even moves his head super cool!”

So there you have it. I have the awesome skill of moving my head super cool.  I didn’t even know that was a thing!