Disco Walls

So this morning the light coming in from the window reflected just right off the marble window sill, so as to shine on the crystal ball. In turn the crystal ball cast a bunch of small spots of light on the wall turning the walls into… DISCO WALLS Unfortunately this only lasted a couple minutes before the sun moved, and left us with our normal boring walls.

Baby Lizard

So while I was weeding the other day Robert was… Also weeding. Only instead of a nasty toad, Robert found a lizard nest. One of the ways you can tell that something is a lizards egg is that, for one thing it will be egg shaped, and the other is that a lizard egg is kinda soft and leathery. I didn’t always know what a lizard’s egg felt like. In fact, I found one once before, and I just thought it was a weird rock. So I tried to squish it. Fortunately the lizard inside the egg wasn’t hurt, it just came flying out of the shell looking really confused, then ran away. We saw one of the eggs hatch (without being forcefully ejected) this little black lizard. I wonder if maybe all baby lizards are black, because both the newly hatched lizards I saw were. I don’t know though, it might just be a coincidence.


Today while I was mowing the lawn I saw two woodpeckers climbing up a tree. Not overly amazing, but it is rare to see two woodpeckers in the same tree. Did you know, that some woodpecker’s tongues wrap around their skull, to cushion their brain while are pecking for bugs? No wonder they can drill into wood so easily.

Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day!

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day everyone! Now I know Mother’s Day was actually yesterday, but I completely forgot to put up a blog post about it. It’s not that I don’t love my Mother I just forgot to write a blog post about it. Anyways, yesterday we got Mom a brand new shiny bike! Mom used to ride to ride a bunch before we moved to Florida, but we haven’t used our bikes a lot since we got to Florida. So, Mom’s old bike needed new inner-tubes, but mostly, the bike was too tall. So we got Mom a great new bike. And also a very girly bike. So, Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Anne’s New Bike

So on Sunday, Mom and Dad went out with Anne to get her an early birthday present (because shes spoiled). A brand new bike! And a very pink bike at that! Yep, it’s 100% girly. There are even heart shapes on the gears. Yeah, I don’t think anyone else will want to ride Anne’s bike.

Peter Piper

So, I was thinking about the tongue twister Peter Piper. The first line is, “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.” Now if you think about it, pickling is a process that you do after you have picked the plant. So what plant does Peter Piper have that it can grow already pickled peppers. Think about that for awhile.

A New Bike

So today we got a brand new bike. It has great wheels, it corners like a dream, it brakes great, and the shifters are amazing. All around a great performance bike. And the best part is it was completely free! Yep it was by the neighbor’s curbed so we went out and grabbed it. Stephen really thought something would be wrong with it, like the tires being deflated, or the chain being broken, but nope it was all good and ready to ride. Hence Nicholas thinks it might be cursed. A perfect bike and they’re just getting rid of it. Yeah right.

A Joke

Recently I heard a rather amusing joke. Like most jokes however it probably won’t be as funny if you are reading it, but maybe you can tell it to a friend or something. Anyways, a man and a giraffe walk into a bar. After a while the giraffe passes out and falls on the flour. Then, as the man gets up to leave the bartender says, “Hey, you can’t leave that lying there.” So the man says, “It isn’t a lion it’s a giraffe.”

(Cue laugh track)

Witch Doctor

So I was thinking about the Witch Doctor song (it’s a great song, I pity those who haven’t heard it), and it occurred to me why would this guy start by talking to a WITCH doctor. I mean seriously, that just sounds like a recipe for disaster. This is the one time someone with witch in their name has actually given sound advice. Lets just look at Hansel and Gretel. Climb into the oven she said, sure that sounds like a GREAT idea. Don’t misunderstand me, I really like the song, I just think the idea of asking a Witch Doctor for advice is not a good life model.