Baby Lizard

So while I was weeding the other day Robert was… Also weeding. Only instead of a nasty toad, Robert found a lizard nest. One of the ways you can tell that something is a lizards egg is that, for one thing it will be egg shaped, and the other is that a lizard egg is kinda soft and leathery. I didn’t always know what a lizard’s egg felt like. In fact, I found one once before, and I just thought it was a weird rock. So I tried to squish it. Fortunately the lizard inside the egg wasn’t hurt, it just came flying out of the shell looking really confused, then ran away. We saw one of the eggs hatch (without being forcefully ejected) this little black lizard. I wonder if maybe all baby lizards are black, because both the newly hatched lizards I saw were. I don’t know though, it might just be a coincidence.

Peter Piper

So, I was thinking about the tongue twister Peter Piper. The first line is, “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.” Now if you think about it, pickling is a process that you do after you have picked the plant. So what plant does Peter Piper have that it can grow already pickled peppers. Think about that for awhile.

The Lawn

So today we weeded and mowed the lawn. It’s not very interesting but it’s what we did today. I also almost caught a butterfly for my bug collection, but it got away. Butterflies are REALLY hard to catch. Recently though I did get this beetle. I think the design on its back is supposed to look like a leech.

Plant or Parasite!

Recently I found some strange new plant species growing in the park. I am not sure what it is yet, but I am currently gathering data on it to try to ascertain it’s origin. It is a yellowish color, and has rigid, somewhat triangular shape. It’s possible it is the fruiting body of the plant, however I am afraid it might be a fungal parasite. If anyone one has any idea what this thing might be, please contact me immediately! I would definitely not want this unsightly plant spreading.


Since I was already talking about plants Yesterday, I figured I would show off the azaleas that grow outside our house. Most of the time the bushes actually look wilted and mostly dead. They’re really kinda sad looking. But when they bloom, they bloom like crazy, growing bright pink flowers all over them. Why can’t they look like this all the time?

My Herb Garden!

So, a while ago (and I do mean a while ago) I wrote a blog post about the small beginning of my herb garden. Now all my work has finally paid off. My garden is now producing Parsley, Basil, and it’s slowing growing Pineapples. Turns out you can twist the tops off store bought pineapples and grow new ones from the top. The pineapples are not actually producing fruit yet, (it takes them something like 2 years to flower) but they are still growing and have established roots. And this is the newest plant in my garden. I’m not sure how it got there, but it’s in the garden so I must have planted it. Now if only I could figure out how to get the roots started growing… Then we could eat golf ball fruit!