Baby Lizard

So while I was weeding the other day Robert was… Also weeding. Only instead of a nasty toad, Robert found a lizard nest. One of the ways you can tell that something is a lizards egg is that, for one thing it will be egg shaped, and the other is that a lizard egg is kinda soft and leathery. I didn’t always know what a lizard’s egg felt like. In fact, I found one once before, and I just thought it was a weird rock. So I tried to squish it. Fortunately the lizard inside the egg wasn’t hurt, it just came flying out of the shell looking really confused, then ran away. We saw one of the eggs hatch (without being forcefully ejected) this little black lizard. I wonder if maybe all baby lizards are black, because both the newly hatched lizards I saw were. I don’t know though, it might just be a coincidence.

Toads Are Nasty!!!

Yesterday, while I was pulling weeds by the pool enclosure, I noticed this toad buried in the dirt. It might have buried itself to avoid the heat, or it might have buried itself to avoid predators. Either way it blended in very well and I never would have noticed it if I had not seen it breathing. Sorry toad most rocks don’t breath. It was so dedicated to not being caught it let an ant crawl over its eye without moving. I however, had already seen it and pulled it out of the dirt. At this point, the toad did one of few things a toad can do in defense of its life. Leaping forwards it sprayed pee (literally) a foot behind itself. IT TRIED TO PEE ON ME. Yeah that’s right, toads are nasty little animals.