Toads Are Nasty!!!

Yesterday, while I was pulling weeds by the pool enclosure, I noticed this toad buried in the dirt. It might have buried itself to avoid the heat, or it might have buried itself to avoid predators. Either way it blended in very well and I never would have noticed it if I had not seen it breathing. Sorry toad most rocks don’t breath. It was so dedicated to not being caught it let an ant crawl over its eye without moving. I however, had already seen it and pulled it out of the dirt. At this point, the toad did one of few things a toad can do in defense of its life. Leaping forwards it sprayed pee (literally) a foot behind itself. IT TRIED TO PEE ON ME. Yeah that’s right, toads are nasty little animals.

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Nathaniel is the main trumpet player for Longbow and handles much of the blog work. He is currently being homeschooled through high school.

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