Disco Walls

So this morning the light coming in from the window reflected just right off the marble window sill, so as to shine on the crystal ball. In turn the crystal ball cast a bunch of small spots of light on the wall turning the walls into… DISCO WALLS Unfortunately this only lasted a couple minutes before the sun moved, and left us with our normal boring walls.

What’s the Difference Between a Crystal Ball and a Disco Ball?

betterOne sounds cool, the other just induces mental images of big-hair and bell-bottom jumpsuits.  That’s why we have a Crystal ball.20161013_214650

And yes, it is our living room.  Why?  Because our house is just that awesome.  Time for a crystal gallery!

note:  I can’t set these pictures to open in a new tab, but if you’d like them to, just hold the ctrl button when you click them.