The Bush

Several months ago we bought a package of fresh basil.  This basil was so fresh it came with soil and roots in it.  After we had used the basil leaves we planted the roots.  Believe it or not they grew…a lot!  The bush was two feet high and a foot in diameter.  There was so much basil even our family could not eat it all.  So we cut it all down and Mom made two batches of pesto

The Basil Bush Cut Down

However, this did not significantly diminish the basil supply so we  hung the basil in bunches in the garage and dried it.  We then pulled the leaves off the stems leaving decorative dead stems.20161014_144003Then we crushed it (in a very artistic manner)

Finally we put our dried basil in a spice jar, or two, or three…

That was one big basil bush.

My Pet Peeve

I have a lot of pet peeves actually.  This is probably because I have so few actual problems I invent problems for myself from stupid trivial things.  For example why does it bug me when people call comics cartoons or vice versa?  I don’t know.  (In my mind comics  are still pictures while cartoons are animated).  Other pet peeves include pj’s instead of pajamas, p b and j instead of peanut butter and jelly (pretty much any acronym with a “p” and a “j”), and calling ATM’s ATM machines (you know that would make it an automatic teller machine machine right?).

Yes I let a lot of pointless things bother me, but one of my bigger pet peeves is station id’s that brag about commercial free music.  I know theirs a small difference, but it always feels like I’m listening to a commercial about how that station doesn’t have commercials!

Thought of the Day

I was just wondering, why do fans have three settings?  I mean I like options too, but I only ever use the high setting.  I’ll bet most people never use the other settings either, because really who gets a fan and thinks, “I only want just a little breeze.”

Or even more unlikely, “If only I could have a medium bit of wind.”

Not that I really care, it’s the fan makers decision.  If they want three settings, good for them, it just seems excessive.

What I Love Most About Jackets

Pockets! Pockets! Pockets! I love pockets!

They just make life easier.  When I go to school  I carry with me a handkerchief, my money clip, my phone, my car keys, my phone’s cord, my flash drive, an eraser, my rosary, a pocket notebook, a pocket comb, a pocket knife, and three pencils.  This would be too much to keep track of even for most adventures  (Link would never be able to find his pencil), but when I wear a jacket I have, at least, eight pockets.  I have a place for everything and I know where everything is.  Pockets are great!

Bad Browser Blues

I know Internet Explorer receives a lot of bad press, but it’s my favorite  browser.  I like it’s features best, it’s simpler, square look, and it has all of my favorites saved.  But recently I’ve been having a lot of problems using WordPress.   I couldn’t update the theme, I couldn’t access different parts of the dashboard, but the real kicker came when my dashboard wouldn’t load at all.  Finally I realized this wasn’t WordPress’ fault it was my browser.  IE doesn’t support WordPress anymore!  Man am I sheepish…and I need a new browser.

Junior Lego Masters

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but we own a lot of Lego. No I mean a Lot  of Lego.  Okay, you probably still don’t grasp how vast our collection is.  We have two of the large storage containers (the really big ones for storing stuff in your attic) full of Lego, and this is just our mixed Lego.  We also have numerous sets built and on display and other sets in boxes or bags waiting for their turn to be on display.The point is we like Lego.  So recently Christopher and Robert made this Lego warrior.20161031_213656

I was impressed with their unconventional use of pieces.  This man has an arm guard for a face, a dragon wing for an ax, and a tire for a shield.20161031_213535

Also all of his equipment can be put on his back (presumably so he can easily carry it over long distances).

Suffice it to say I was impressed.

Christopher, Robert, and their Warrior

It’s Finally Here!

Happy Friday the 13th!  I know you might not be as excited as I am, but for me this is like winning a raffle.  It’s finally happened! The fabled day of bad luck and disaster!

Every Friday the 13th is like a holiday for me.  No I don’t get presents or the day off school (I’m actually at school right now).  I don’t even eat anything special, it’s more like the little holidays, like president day or boxing day, that don’t have any real traditions and don’t do anything, but look good on a calendar.