The Spirit of the Writer (or Something)

The other day, Nathaniel wrote a paragraph for his grammar which was rather amusing. Here’s the exclusive, unedited version.

Oh, to sit at a desk and write. The words pour from my pen like water over a waterfall. What joy it gives me (when I do it right) to show that finished work to someone. And that thrilling chill when a smile creeps over their face and I wonder is it from my horrible grammar or was it actually amusing.

He’s a good writer and a bit of a silly. It gave Mom a good laugh!

Common Grounds Park

One of the really nice things about living in Florida is that there is a lot to do. A couple weeks ago the whole family went out to Common Grounds park here in Lakeland. It’s a unique park, with a lot of different places to climb and run.

The Happy Children
The Happy Children

They even have a tunnel that goes through an artificial mountain! The best part is the entire family can play there.

It Holds The Family!
It Holds the Whole Family!

That’s right I said the complete, whole, and entire family. This includes Mom and Dad. It was a fun weekend outing!

Veronica’s Idea

As promised yesterday, this post will tell all about Veronica’s new song idea. For some background, you need to be aware that there is a song called the House of Singing Bamboo that was sung by Rosemary Clooney. So, Veronica goes running down the hall to Mom and Dad’s room and begins to pitch her idea. She says “I wrote a song. It’s not much, but I think it’s good. We should give it a try.” Barely able to hold back her excitement she sings “In the house, the house of screaming baboons! Baboons are looking at YOU. In the house of screaming baboons.” So far only three lines, but Dad seems to be behind it. Mom’s not as sure.

Happy Hat Day!

Did you guys know today, January 15th, is National Hat Day? Neither did I, but Mom did. She told Veronica about it this morning which prompted Veronica to hurry off and return wearing this,

The Beginning of the Trend
The Beginning of the Trend

which led to this,

Handsome Fellow

which of course resulted in this.

Fancy and Hard at Work!
Fancy and Hard at Work!

The end result that the whole family wore their hats everywhere for the rest of the day. Probably a good thing it was too chilly to swim today. Happy National Hat Day!