Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day!

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day everyone! Now I know Mother’s Day was actually yesterday, but I completely forgot to put up a blog post about it. It’s not that I don’t love my Mother I just forgot to write a blog post about it. Anyways, yesterday we got Mom a brand new shiny bike! Mom used to ride to ride a bunch before we moved to Florida, but we haven’t used our bikes a lot since we got to Florida. So, Mom’s old bike needed new inner-tubes, but mostly, the bike was too tall. So we got Mom a great new bike. And also a very girly bike. So, Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Knitting Accident!!!

Oh no, Anne has been knitting to much. She had a (to quote Veronica), “Knitting Accident! Weeeooo weeeooo weeeooo”. Seriously though Anne has to stop knitting for right now, because she accidentally gave herself a callus while knitting. Who knew knitting could be so dangerous?


So a while ago Anne picked up the knack for knitting. Often while we sit and watch a movie Anne will half watch, while her fingers continue to knit. Anne doesn’t knit scarfs or blankets or hats (although she could). Instead she knits wash cloths! They’re really neat wash cloths and some them have cool designs on them. And as you wash with them, because of the way they are made they stretch. Yeah, knit wash cloths are the best!

Armadillo of Legends: Defender of Stuffed Animals

The Armadillo of Legends: Defender of Stuffed Animals

As the Armadillo left the desert he was greeted with the ominous smell of smoke. Surveying the horizon he quickly saw the origin of the smoke. The smoke billowed and curled in a giant column that snaked down to a small village in the distance.

Though he had promised to save the princess the noble nature of the Armadillo would not allow him to pass such wrongs without at least seeing if he could help. Moreover, since huge destruction and  fires are the token of the Rainbow Dragon, perhaps he could kill two birds with one stone.

As he arrived on the scene he saw that the villagers had already put out most of the immediate fire but it continued to spread with amazing strength and speed into the distance.

Hurriedly the Armadillo went to one of the villagers who gave him a brief detail of what had happened. Apparently most of them had been working in the fields so they did not entirely know what had happened. They did however know that before the fire had started they saw two shadows fly by. They couldn’t tell what they were, but they knew that the second had brought the fire.

The Armadillo waited to hear no more. If this was his arch-nemesis many more people would be in danger. As he grew near to the source of the still spreading fire he slowed down a little to prepare himself for battle. He noticed that while two shadows flew and shot fire they did so with little noise, but the vile dragon generally fought while challenging with ear deafening roars.

The Armadillo had little time to ponder this, as he quickly saw his chance to strike. Crouching behind a large rock, he saw the shadow growing closer. Suddenly he leapt in front of it sword and shield in hand poised for action. What landed in front of him were three perspicuous figures. A fox, a bear, and a racoon: The Barons of Evil.


So I’m a little irritated at Finale right now (Finale is the music software that my family uses). It has been acting kinda weird and slow recently. It will occasionally stop playing part of the sound for no good reason and recently it has been exporting wave files incorrectly. Just today for no good reason it quite literally opened twenty help tabs. I don’t know what is wrong with it, it generally works really well. I must have accidentally hit a key board shortcut or something.


So as it turns out Yesterday was far more interesting than I thought it would be. We moved around a BUNCH of comic book boxes and other band stuff, moving them all into the studio. It does look a little disorganized, but it’s far better than all those good comics and stuff getting ruined in the garage. Besides I think it makes it look more soundroomy. We also hung up a cool new stained glass ornament in the front window. It looks pretty neat if you ask me.

Monday Morning

It’s always difficult to write a blog post on Monday. Mainly because my brain is flooded with the overwhelming fact that I have to do school again. Not to mention the fact that I still kinda sore from crawling around in the attic Friday and Saturday. But hey, that’s what I’m going to be doing today: school work. Oh, and practicing.

Anne’s New Bike

So on Sunday, Mom and Dad went out with Anne to get her an early birthday present (because shes spoiled). A brand new bike! And a very pink bike at that! Yep, it’s 100% girly. There are even heart shapes on the gears. Yeah, I don’t think anyone else will want to ride Anne’s bike.

Peter Piper

So, I was thinking about the tongue twister Peter Piper. The first line is, “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.” Now if you think about it, pickling is a process that you do after you have picked the plant. So what plant does Peter Piper have that it can grow already pickled peppers. Think about that for awhile.

A New Bike

So today we got a brand new bike. It has great wheels, it corners like a dream, it brakes great, and the shifters are amazing. All around a great performance bike. And the best part is it was completely free! Yep it was by the neighbor’s curbed so we went out and grabbed it. Stephen really thought something would be wrong with it, like the tires being deflated, or the chain being broken, but nope it was all good and ready to ride. Hence Nicholas thinks it might be cursed. A perfect bike and they’re just getting rid of it. Yeah right.