The Man

So, I’ve noticed that my blog posts haven’t been as funny as they could be recently. This was rather disheartening. Maybe I’d lost my touch (more likely I never had one). Maybe I had finally ran out of ideas. Whatever the cause I decided I had to get back to my inner-artist. So I wrote a brand new story. A story greater than all my other stories. A story that will leave people guessing. A story unlike any other. And so, with out further adieu, my great new masterpiece:

The Man

There once was a man. And then he died.

It really speaks to you doesn’t it.

Writers Block

Many of you probably know what writers block is like. You try to write something and the right words don’t come to mind, or you just can’t figure out what to write. This actually happens quite frequently with me (it makes writing a daily blog slightly harder), but I think helps if you start writing something easy, even it has nothing to do with what you are trying to do, or write. Then it becomes easier for me to write something else.

They’re Watching!

As I sit here writing this blog post, Anne just stands behind me. Why, what does she hope to gain. Is she just being creepy? Maybe she is trying to read the post before it is finished. Yes, that must be it. She pretends to be reading something else but I know what she is trying to do. I can’t let that happen! I won’t! But what should do? Maybe if I wait she will leave… A quick glance over my shoulder shows she is still there. Yeah right, just cause the bookcase is behind me people try to trick me into thinking they are reading. I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING DO YOU HEAR ME, I KNOW… What do you know she left. Maybe I was just being paranoid. Oh no, it’s Veronica. I KNOW she is trying to read the blog before it’s done. Sometimes, (much to my chagrin), she succeeds.

I Try Really Hard

You know I try really hard to make this blog, both interesting and amusing. The problem is some days nothing of substance happens. Then I have to try to think of something put on the blog which ultimately becomes, I’m just going to say it, insane gibberish. It’s a small problem for me. So I just wanted to say, so I have it on record, I am not an insane person. Then again that’s what crazy person would say…