Blinded With Science!

Nathaniel was doing a science experiment the other day, which was fairly interesting. He put syrup on the bottom of a cup and then added water. Because the syrup was denser than the water it caused it to sit on the top of the syrup instead of just becoming really gross water. He then added oil and the oil being the least dense of the three liquids floated on top of the water making three clear layers. He then did what any self-respecting scientist would do and threw in what seemed like random junk: a rock, two grapes, an ice cube, and a piece of cork. The rock sank to the bottom and the rest, being decreasing densities sank/floated to their perspective layers with the cork, being least dense, floating on the top layer, the oil. This is what it looked like.HPIM4045
Pretty cool right.

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Nathaniel is the main trumpet player for Longbow and handles much of the blog work. He is currently being homeschooled through high school.

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