Circle B Adventures

There are a lot of places to visit in Florida. The Circle B Bar Reserve is a good example.

A Little About Circle B
A Little About Circle B

With several different trails, it’s a really fun way to see a lot of different wildlife. We were out yesterday and saw this big fella a few yards off the trail.

He's One of the Family!
He’s One of the Family!


If you feed the gators, then YOU will feed the gators.
If you feed the gators, then YOU will feed the gators!


That was the closest we could get for a picture. This sign says it all!








If you’re more into animals that won’t eat you, they have a lot of these….birds?

A Heron's Hideaway
A Heron’s Hideaway

So if you like walking in the sun enjoying nature Circle B is the spot. Just don’t get too close!

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