By day, they are Nicholas, Joseph, and Stephen members of the famous swing band Longbow. By night, they are Cymbal , Brass Bullet , and Nightstick amazing crime fighters.  Together, they are the "secret" "government" agency, H.A.T.S.

Top Secret  H.A.T.S. Case Files!

Written and Illustrated by:  Stephen Langenkamp

Background by:  Jonathan Langenkamp

Colored by:  Nathaniel and Anne Langenkamp

H.A.T.S. Issue #3

H.A.T.S. Issue #4

H.A.T.S is a comic made entirely by Longbow and suitable for the entire family. However, please note that although H.A.T.S. is completely suitable for children, we did not write it for children.  R ather, we tried to write it more like the old Looney Tunes cartoons, entertaining for adults, but not objectionable for children.  A goal I believe we achieved.  So please, feel free to enjoy our comicsc no matter what your age may be.

About the Comic

H.A.T.S. Issue #2

H.A.T.S. Issue #1

A zombie outbreak at Anne’s school causes untold chagrin.  The H.A.T.S. must find a way to stop the quasi-dead horde who just want to eat brains, but just never can seem to get it done.  Meanwhile, what of the mysterious man in red?  Plus, how is Anne related to the outbreak?

It's marsupial madness as monsters once again plauge Anne's ever unlucky school (just ask them about the garbage chutes). As the semi-mammal terrorizes Florida Poly, Nicholas gets a date! Also in this issue the debut of the (class) presidential canidate Ben Grewal in Longbow Comics!

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H.A.T.S. fight a jealous rock band that is trying to take Longbow out of the spotlight…FOREVER! But how can they defeat these sinister saboteurs and keep their secret identities from being found out by their not-nearly-as-dumb-as-comic-book-parents parents? 

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Longbow debutes in their very first comic. Meanwhile, there's Jurassic madness as dinosaurs run amok through Central Florida. Who can put an end to this prehistoric predicament? Why,Florida's newest team of superheroes of course!.

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