Who We Are

We are Longbow, and no, we don't make trains. We make music, comic books, YouTube video and anything else we find interesting, because that is what Longbow is all about, doing what we love.

The Band

As a family of eleven, Dad, Mom, Nicholas, Joseph, Stephen, Jonathan, Nathaniel, Anne, Christopher, Robert, and Veronica, we always attracted a fair bit of attention, but when we started wearing suits and hats, we received even more. People frequently asked questions like, “Are you in a band?” or, “Where are you performing tonight?” Eventually the light bulb went on. If we looked like a band, why not be a band?  But what to call the band?­

The Name

It was generally agreed that the name should reflect the odds we would have to overcome to succeed, but no one knew quite what that name should be. Finally, Joseph suggested The League of the Longbow in appreciation of " Tales of the Longbow ", a book by the family’s favorite author, G.K. Chesterton about men who made the impossible a reality. We decided to use the name, but shortened it for the band. Now we are known as Longbow, a band that performs comical skits, swing music, parodies, and anything else we find fun.

The Comic

  Like all of Longbow's projects, the comic, H.A.T.S., is about the family, or rather, about the family if some of the members were secretly superheroes! These fictitous tales are written by the family and hand drawn and inked by Stephen. Jonathan, Nathaniel, and Anne help Stephen with the coloring, background and any other production issues that come up.

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The Botanical Gardens in Naples

Oh say, can you see Longbow sing the national anthem?

Longbow performs in Ashville.